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Marist Canberra supports Lismore

Donation of Second Hand Gear

This week I travelled to Lismore to deliver the second hand gear you generously donated during last season. I caught up with Craig Hamshaw, the President of the Lismore Cricket Association and Glen Lees, the Secretary of the Marist Brothers Lismore Cricket Club. They helped unload 20 bats, 14 pairs of gloves, 26 pairs of pads, 11 helmets, more than a dozen cricket bags, plus balls, shoes, thigh pads, stumps, and other cricketing paraphernalia. Both Craig and Glen were grateful for the donation and said it would be distributed to both cricket clubs and high schools in the district that needed it most.

Afterwards, I spent some time driving around Lismore to try and imagine what the floods must have been like. Life had marched on; the streets were bustling with people on a sunny Saturday morning and kids were playing sport. Amongst all of this normality were constant reminders. So many of the traditional raised timber homes in low lying areas are adorned with hand drawn hearts. Houses lay empty, abandoned and are still yet to be restored. In the main street, it seemed like every second shop was either boarded up or vacant and decorated with more hearts. Although Craig said that things were slowly improving, it was evident there was still a long way to go.

Thank you to you all for supporting this endeavour.

- Mel Jamieson, Sponsorship Coordinator MCCCC

NB: and thank you to Mel for her efforts in coordinating this and making the trip to Lismore to devliver the gear.

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