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cricket conditioning services

Riley Brassington has been training our Colts in the pre-season and is offering personalised pre-season cricket strength and conditioning opportunities for all our players. Riley currently runs small-group classes and individual field based sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Riley is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, a level 2 ASCA accredited Strength and Conditioning coach, and currently completing a PhD with the Canberra Raiders in talent Identification and performance analytics. Alongside his private athletic performance business, Riley works at Cricket ACT with the men's Comets team. Riley would love the opportunity to work with young cricketers to improve their physical capacity and strength for cricket. Using baseline testing and maturation assessments, Riley provides individualised and tailored programs for each athlete. Riley has experience programming for fast bowlers, so they can tolerate the loads of the cricket season, helping them bowl faster, and reduce their injury risk.

Because Riley is an Exercise Physiologist, athletes can claim on their private health using HICAPS in some cases.

If you are interested - please contact Riley on:


instagram: rbathleticdevelopment

mobile: 0424 422 443

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