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E-Scoring - the basics

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Here are a couple of initial pointers on scoring for the season ahead.

Cricket ACT has asked for one e-scorer and one hard-copy scorer per game. So that is one scorer per team.

To e-score - our scorers need to be registered with PlayHQ by the club. Can team managers please provide a list of your team’s e-scorers to your stage coordinator, who will pass the list through to a committee member to create e-scoring accounts for those scorers (either an e-scoring account, or e-scoring admin account will work).

e-scoring will be done on PlayHQ using the following link:

e-scoring can be done on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone (apple or android)

PlayHQ recommend opening e-scoring in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari 12.1

If you have coverage – you can set up a match at the oval and score the game live.

If not – you will need to open set up a match at home and then e-score off-line at the ground.

Games can be swapped between scorers on the day.

e-scoring help is available by calling 1800 cricket between 8am and 7pm on Sat or 9am – 6pm on Sun, and 8am - 9pm on weekdays, and by emailing

PlayHQ has resources to help prepare for escoring (

This includes an e-scoring training webinar available on the following address: webinar

It takes you through finding a match, starting the game, scoring the game and logging the result. All scores will flow through to the MyCricket statistics database.

We plan to include e-scoring as a subject at the coaches night on 19 October.

Please have a go at the tutorial. Our e-scoring skills will improve with practice as we all learn the ins-and-outs of this new system. Please let us all know through our social media or cricket email what you find to be good hacks on the new e-scoring system, and where the problems are, especially if they can’t be solved with the helpdesk phone or email services.

We look forward to registering scorer names into PlayHQ, so please provide your details to your stage coordinator soon.

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